We’ve been around for a while!

And that shows our dedication to you, our loyal customer! Darkscape is constantly improving our service and the tools we have to provide customer service and support to you. We send out customer surveys attached to our billing and support emails, asking for your valuable feedback at every possible opportunity. Have a grudge? Let us know! Have some praise? We always love to hear how we’ve helped make your day better, and helped your company succeed another day!

How long have we been around? May 14, 1999- and that my friends is a long time ago. Some of us have had kids grow up, others divorced and remarried, but we’re all still here making sure your site is up, online, and most importantly that you are happy!

Darkscape custom control panel

Our control panel remains custom built since the beginning, bringing an extremely flexible and unique configuration options to you.

We are your standard outfit- Domain registration, renewals, transfers. Web sites, statistics, PHP, MySQL, redirects, Dynamic DNS. Email, Webmail, POP3, IMAP. And we do it very very well!

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